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Change Her Story - Anon

This poem talks about domestic abuse and may be triggering for some people.

Change Her Story

Violence is easy, violence is weak

the hard thing to do is turn the other cheek,

every one person has their own story

not everyone in life gets the pleasures of glory,

walk past each other, “remember”, we all have our way

the only thing that counts is what we might say,

when we open our mouths it may be in fun

could also turn another to suicide with a gun.

Stop hitting her man… and grow a pair

it’s not tough, your idea of flare,

it doesn’t matter who’s right who’s wrong

I’ve heard them all every bully’s song,

stop and think life’s never fair, look at your own if you dare

at some point in her life, you showed her care,

so look in the mirror and have a long stare

what happened to the care her life’s a nightmare.

So listen to me you ain't no man

you only beat a lady because you can,

you have no heart you’ve certainly no honour

you sound like a freak your gonna end up a loner,

when her life gets better and she has moved on.

You’ll still be a bully and always alone,

It won’t be her getting abused no more

you’d soon realise how she felt behind closed doors.

Her life changed. Someone changed her story

a real man like me, like I said before,

some no pleasures or any glory,

Karmas a bitch you met a real man

he himself with his own bad story.

At some time in life, you will meet a man

and he’ll step up and help “Change Your Story”

- Anon, Prisoner


Scottish Prison Service Inverness serves courts in the Highlands, Islands, and Moray – a large and diverse catchment area embracing rural and urban communities.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this post are those of the respective author and are not necessarily shared by the #ChangeHerStory Campaign partners.

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