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The Magic Prince

Illustration: The Little Prince

Out of nowhere he appeared

He swooped me up and calmed my fears

I'd dreamt of him and wished him real

Now he was here it felt surreal.

He gave me strength to carry on

He gave me hope I was the one.

His tender kiss

Helped heal my heart

His understanding

Stepped him apart

So, now I give you hope my friend

For I can truly say

There is a magic moment

It can all happen in a day

Your life will change completely

When your prince holds you in his arms

Just keep your dream alive

And wish upon the moon

For when that magic moment happens

Your world will just go BOOM

And believe me when I tell you it’s gonna happen soon!

© Alison M Grant 2010


Inverness Women's Aid support women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse. We provide outreach, supported accommodation, & advice. Our support team are available during weekday office hours and phone advice is available out of hours. If you, or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, know that support is available - we are here for you.

More stories are available on the Human Writes blog at Inverness Women's Aid.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this post are those of the respective author and are not necessarily shared by the #ChangeHerStory Campaign partners.

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