Survivor Stories

Trigger warning:


The following stories catalogue instances of sexual violence, including harassment, assault, abuse, and rape, that have occurred in the Highlands & Islands.

These anonymous stories have been bravely shared by survivors who want to show the impact sexual violence has on our communities. By creating a platform to share these stories safely, we hope to empower survivors and change the way people talk about and understand the problem.

We want survivors to know that you are never to blame for what happened to you, we believe you, and we stand with you. You are brave, whether you share your story or not. For support, a list of partners is provided on the 'contact us' page.

If you live in the Highlands & Islands and would like to share your story as part of this project, you can do so anonymously below. You are also welcome to share messages of solidarity using our hashtag #ChangeHerStory.

Thank you 💜

While the global 16 Days of Activism focuses on women and girls, we know that sexual violence is an issue that can affect anyone. People of all genders are welcome to submit their stories. We stand with all survivors.